Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breyer horses

Breyer Animal Creations (or just Breyer), a division of Reeves International. Breyer first started in 1950. It is a manufacturer of model animals, and is one of the oldest model animal companies in existence. The company specializes in models made from cellulose acetate (a form of plastic) and are best known for their model horses, although various wildlife and domestic animal models are also produced, including an extensive line of dog breeds. Its model horses are some of the most renowned model horses in the industry, being as the models are both inexpensive and realistic. Breyer manufactures well over 5 million models annually.

Each summer, the company holds a festival for model horse collectors called Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.Breyerfest has been held every year in Kentucky since 1989. Every year since 2002 has had a different theme, and 2009 is their 20th anniversary. The company also publishes its own magazine--Just About Horses or JAH for short, and has six issues per year.


BreyerFest was first held in 1989, from then on it has been held annually in July at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, this is a three-day festival for model horse fanatics. During this three day period, attendees can buy, sell, and trade their own models, purchase special special run Breyer models sold only at this particular event, and participate in huge model horse shows. There are also classes that teach how to paint, customize, and repair models, and lectures on collecting and judging models. Guest stars, usually renowned trainers and famous horses, are also present and perform for the attendees, and each year at least one real horse upon which a model has been based is in attendance, so that Breyer fans can see the horse behind the horse. There are tours of Lexington horse farms and tracks, a huge nightly Breyer trade fair among all the open rooms up and down the halls of the main hotel, and one huge official "swap-meet" in the ballroom. And there is a raffle held for charity, in which very rare and even unique Breyer models are sold, often for thousands of dollars. There is also a Celebration horse which is usually a famous horse that a model is made after. The model is included in your 3-day ticket.